Tunnel tours will be back in September 2014, stay tuned!

“Discover the secrets of Tranquille’ s historic underground tunnels and have a great time with your family and friends discovering the magic of Tranquille by night”.

The mystery and magic of the historic Tranquille underground tunnel system will be brought to life in a one hour, fun filled experience; tunnel goers will venture into the tunnel system and learn about its secrets as well as embark on a wagon tour of the old Tranquille village by night.

The tunnel system was originally constructed to facilitate the delivery of laundry from the site Laundromat and food from the Cafeteria to patients and staff across the site.  Electric carts, called “Tuggers” were used to pull trailers loaded with food and laundry around. Four of these carts have been preserved by Tranquille Farm Fresh. In addition the tunnels were used by patients and staff to move from building to building. They also served as utility corridors.

Tunnel construction occurred over decades and eventually was integrated into below ground floors of the Sage Building, the Greaves Hospital, the Main Building, Laundromat, Cafeteria, and other buildings. A barbershop, storage rooms, meeting rooms, offices, shower facilities, and morgue are included in the tunnel system.

Urban legends about the Tranquille tunnels have grown to epic proportions over the last 30 thirty years. Come and learn why. Tunnels July 27 2013 2013-07-26 184 (2)


Group bookings available during the week during September and October 2014, minimum group of 16 people

Tunnel goers must be able to navigate stairs. The tunnel will be minimally lit. There is a rest area in the tunnel.

Tunnels July 27 2013 2013-07-26 182 (2)